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Our Offering

  • Unity set candle holders.
  • Glass candle holders.
  • Steel candle holders.
  • Wood candle holders.
  • Ceramic candle holders.
  • Polycarbonate candle holders.
  • Drip gaurds.
  • Handmade beaded tea light holders.
  • Infinity candle holders.

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  • Basic white candles, balls, pillars, squares, prisms and pyramids.
  • Village Candle scented candle range.
  • Prayer candles, church candles. 
  • Coloured and metallic finishes. In-store dipping tanks offer 14 colours.
  • Dinner candles, short and long. 
  • Container candles, scented, plain, glass and custom made. 
  • Printed candles, weddings, unity sets, event and corporate gifts.
  • Floating candles. 
  • Tea light candles, NOT IMPORTED, MADE HERE IN SA.
  • Votive candles. 
  • Custom birthday cake candles.                                                                                


Colour changing candles. See video below: